About Us

NetShop ISP has been involved in the iGaming sector for over 7 years with premium industry customers in Cyprus, Malta and United Kingdom. We specialize in enterprise hosting services & IT Solutions for those businesses that are in a startup process to join the Online Betting industry or even for those that are ready to go to the next level.

Our team of experienced Windows and Linux engineers combined with the skills of our Certified Network Administrators allows you to focus on the core business and let the IT Infrastructure part in safe hands.

Established & Operating since 2004

7+ Years iGaming & Betting Experience

ISO Certified Data Centers

Offering Fully Managed Services

Our Mission

  • Maintain the high standards of practice
  • Ensure a very high quality of service
  • Frequent development of new products
  • Identify opportunities for infrastructure upgrades
  • To support an even greater number of languages
  • To exceed our customer needs and expectations


Our flexible payment and budget-oriented plans concern those businesses that intend to join the Online Gaming industry in Cyprus, Malta or the United Kingdom.

Without too many eligibility criteria or hidden terms, we welcome any Online betting Startup businesses to discuss the means we can be of your financial support.

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Address: 2A Marathonos, Livadhia 7060, Larnaca, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 24 25 0808
E-mail: sales@bettingcy.com
Skype: netshopisp